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Fritz Lang

Please note: The duration of this film is 2h30m. This is longer than the runtime advertised in our Cinema Guide.

Explore the complex relationship between human and machine in a series of films celebrating V&A Dundee’s Hello, Robot. exhibition.
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Considered by many to be the mother of all sci-fi films, Fritz Lang and his co-writer Thea von Harbou’s imaginative world of revolutionaries, mad scientists and robots has exerted a profound impact on the visual language of science fiction, influencing everything from Star Wars to Blade Runner.

"A dizzyingly creative work..." 

Set in a futuristic utopia whose prosperity in fact relies on the exploitation of countless subterranean workers who toil day and night, Metropolis is a dizzyingly creative work where Norse mythology and religious imagery meet German Expressionism, social commentary and a dozen other concepts and styles besides. Every penny of the film’s enormous budget is visible on screen and Metropolis features some of the most impressive sets ever built.

Musio K,  a social robot designed by AKA IntelligenceHello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine. V&A Dundee, until Sunday 9 February 2020. From the robots we know and love, to the robot in your pocket, explore the blurring boundaries between human and machine.

Musio K © AKA, LLC