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Mind-Set + Q&A

Scottish Encounters

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We are thrilled to welcome filmmaker Mikey Murray to DCA for a live Q&A after this screening.

Mind-Set took home the award for Best UK Feature from this year’s Manchester Film Festival, and in many ways feels like an updating of a classic indie dramedy formula as it charts a relationship that has somehow found itself in the doldrums. 

"...took home the award for Best UK Feature from this year’s Manchester Film Festival"

Lucy (Eilis Cahill) is a disillusioned office clerk in a dysfunctional relationship with her partner Paul (Sightseers’ Steve Oram), a struggling writer who rarely leaves their shared house. Lucy is surprised to find herself on the cusp of a none-too-secret affair with her charming new work colleague, Daniel (Peter Bankolé). The thrill of the chase for a shred of affection takes her mind off the difficulty of her personal life but she's not sure that she'll ever leave Paul, or that intimacy with someone else is the true answer to her problems.

Mind-Set is unflinching and unsentimental in its exploration of a relationship which is on a slippery downward slope, and after two years of lockdown, many will relate to its sense of ennui and the feeling of a life largely lived between four walls. Mind-Set strikes a delicate balance; the film’s quirky sense of humour doesn’t distract from its clear-eyed focus on a failing relationship. 

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