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Notes From the Belly of the Beast: Michele Horrigan, Sean Lynch & Stuart Whipps in Conversation


Join us for an online conversation between Michele Horrigan, Sean Lynch and Stuart Whipps to celebrate our new chapbook Notes from the Belly of the Beast, published as part of If Wishes Were Thrushes, Beggars Would Eat Birds.       

Speaking to, thinking through, and stepping off from some of the ideas in Whipps’ new body of work at DCA, Lynch and Horrigan have written a new text drawing together ruminations on global pandemics, sculptural reparations, mineral extraction and storytelling through exhibition-making.  

Horrigan and Lynch are Irish artists, who together work at Askeaton Contemporary Arts. Established in 2006, the project continues to commission, produce and exhibit contemporary art in the locale of a small town in the southwest of Ireland.

Since 2017 they have worked closely with Whipps, initially as part of The Expanded Field, a nationwide programme in Ireland developed through Askeaton Contemporary Arts, culminating in an exhibition at Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford. In 2019 they co-curated Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth, an exhibition at the Irish Architectural Archive in Dublin, where Whipps’ work was prominently featured.