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Open Close Movie

For decades the city of Dundee has been a hive of creativity. However, with the arrival of the V&A Design Museum in 2018, outsiders could be mistaken for believing it’s just getting started.

Open Close Dundee is a street art project which is brightening up the streets and illuminating minds – inspiring the public with stunning works of art on legal sites across Dundee – contributing to a change in the perception of what public art can be.

Through interviews and time-lapse sequences of the creative process, Open Close Movie brings you to the people closest to the project – the artists who created it and the public it was created for.

You’ll also hear from the wider creative community – what does Open Close mean to them and to the city of Dundee and how does it fit in alongside projects of global interest? Open Close Movie is the documentation of a slice of Dundee’s creativity in 2018 - for those who won’t remember a time before the V&A and for those of us who do.

To find out more about Open Close visit their website.