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Out of Blue

Carol Morley

A homicide detective’s (Patricia Clarkson) investigation into the shooting of a leading astrophysicist destabilizes her view of the universe and herself, in the third fiction feature from Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life). Led by Patricia Clarkson, who plays cool-headed detective Mike Hoolihan, the film draws us into its strange world through the musings of its central character.

“a brainy and emotionally satisfying crime story…”

Basing her script on Martin Amis's 1997 novel Night Train, Morley delivers a brainy and emotionally satisfying crime story driven by an unorthodoxcharacter whose investigations mirror those of great philosophers.

In its opening scenes, Out of Blue appears to be a standard police procedural, but as it proceeds it becomes clear that Morley's film is something more. Behind the mystery presented by the murder is the puzzle that is human nature itself.