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Pina 3D

Wim Wenders

2011 was the year when 3D cinema came into its own and we saw what it really could do.  A mixture of interviews, archival footage and performance, Pina showcases the exhilarating and inimitable work of her company, the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch.

Conceived originally as a collaborative project between Wenders and the legendary German choreographer Pina Bausch, the film suffered a cataclysmic setback when Bausch died unexpectedly three days before shooting began.

Her dancers persuaded Wenders to return to the project and create instead a homage to Bausch, one of the most influential figures in European contemporary dance, responsible for creating a much-imitated fusion of radical theatre, surrealist art, sexual drama, and physical language.

The 3D technology not only captures the sense of space and movement which was key to Bausch's work, but it literally brings you onstage and beyond the theatre, into the city and the surrounding industrial landscape of Wuppertal - the place that was the home and centre of Pina Bausch's creative life for more than 35 years. This isn't just a movie, it is genuinely an experience - pure emotion, movement, music, and absolute cinematic magic.