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Prix de beauté with live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne

Augusto Genina

This rarely-seen jazz age classic was the last major film to star the dazzling Louise Brooks. Famously contemptuous of what Hollywood had to offer her, Brooks is best remembered for films she made when she headed for Europe and this French film has been long unavailable in its original silent-era version. Prix de beauté puts her at the centre of a trenchant and perversely seductive depiction of social decadence. Venturing an early critique of celebrity culture, the rags to riches tale of a vivacious young office worker who enters a beauty competition packs a surprising punch.

If you loved Brooks in Pandora’s Box when we showed it recently, this is a rare opportunity to see Cineteca Bologna's beautiful restoration of this unusual and beguiling film, presented with musical accompaniment by the multi-talented Stephen Horne. We will provide surtitle translation of the original Italian intertitles.