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Prophecy + Q&A

Scottish Encounters

Beginning with a blank canvas, Prophecy follows acclaimed artist Peter Howson on a journey that showcases his personality and dark sense of humour as well as his immense talent. Intimate and revealing, this documentary offers an unprecedented insight into the mind of an artist as he works on creating a masterpiece, bringing every brushstroke to vivid life as the audience watches a single painting (the titular Prophecy) come into being, from the creation of its frame right up until its point of sale.

“…a fusion of the personal and the methodical”

As the painting develops so too does our understanding of Howson as a person. He is generous company, detailing significant moments or relationships in his life, which in some way we come to understand reflect the marks he makes on the canvas. Howson’s process is one of constant flux, wonderfully articulated by the filmmakers, who use mesmerising stop-motion photography to allow us to see Prophecy evolve as an artwork; colours subtly shift, shadows ebb and flow and new faces, characters and symbols are added or wiped out altogether. The end result is utterly compelling and something truly alchemical, a fusion of the personal and the methodical, and a wonderfully crafted, candid documentary that celebrates the skill and insight of an artist at the top of his game.

Scottish Encounters is a strand in our programme that gives local audiences the opportunity to see new work from emerging Scottish screen talent, and provides a chance to meet the people behind the work.

We are delighted to welcome Prophecy director Charlie Paul and producer Lucy Paul to DCA to present their film and answer audience questions afterwards.