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Fatal Femmes

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Julia Ducournau’s upcoming Titane took home the prestigious Palme d’Or from this year’s Cannes festival, and it was clear to anyone who could stomach her 2016 debut, the cannibal drama Raw (paramedics were reportedly called to attend to audience members fainting during an early festival screening) that this was the work of a supremely confident director with an incredibly bright future.

“Marillier is utterly electrifying”

While the film’s queasily realistic body horror may have made the headlines, beneath it lurks a human drama of surprising tenderness and genuine poignancy. Garance Marillier gives a mesmerizing performance as lead character Justine, who is dropped off at veterinary college by her parents at the start of the film. Her older sister Alexia (Ella Rumpf; also excellent) already attends the same college, and before long the school’s extreme and brutal hazing rituals seem to awaken something primal and potentially dangerous within Justine. 

This is a film which is about pretty much everything; a coming of age tale that pulls ideas about education, sexuality, familial legacy, food, violence, and beyond into its orbit. With a score from John Williams (Kill List, Possessor, Censor) and some choice musical cuts (Blood Red Shoes, Orties) it’s an incredibly stylish film, and Ducournau makes it look all too easy, as much at home capturing woozy drunken parties as she is stomach-churning horror and gut-punching drama. Ultimately, it’s the combination of Ducournau’s fertile imagination and Marrilier’s flawless performance that make this one of the most memorable films of the last ten years; just 18 years old at the time of filming, Marillier is utterly electrifying and ensures we are with her at every step of her intoxicating, grisly journey. 

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