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Red Joan

Trevor Nunn

The new thriller from renowned British theatre director Trevor Nunn, Red Joan casts Judi Dench in a rewardingly complex role as a retired physicist who is revealed to be a long-serving spy for the former Russian KGB.

“seamlessly transports the viewer into the past…”

Adapted by Lindsay Shapero from the bestselling novel by Jennie Rooney and inspired by the life of British KGB agent Melita Norwood, Red Joan follows Joan Stanley (Dench), a seemingly unremarkable retiree who, in 2000, is living in a London suburb when she is arrested and charged with providing intelligence to Russia during the Cold War. Flashing back to 1938, we revisit Joan’s younger self (Sophie Cookson) as she takes the first steps towards becoming a Soviet agent.

Bolstered by excellent performances from both Dench and Cookson, this well-crafted historical thriller seamlessly transports the viewer into the past and feels especially topical in this time.