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Relaxed: 20th Birthday Shorts for Wee Ones

Discovery Family Film Club

Over the years Discovery Film Festival has served up an enormous amount of fun with our very popular shorts programmes, and so for our 20th birthday celebrations we thought we should have a meander through our archives and pull out a few of our favourite films from previous collections. Only it proved very difficult in the end, as there were SO many we wanted to bring back to the big screen. Did we choose your favourite? Come along and find out!

We all know that these films are not just for the wee ones! Who doesn’t enjoy a collection of fine animated films, with singing, dancing and clowning about adventures with a variety of friends in space, through the woods, underwater and maybe even on a coathanger?

It’s interesting to see how many of our film selections have featured pigs. And squirrels. Little birds. And even a whole gaggle of multicoloured balloon-like creatures jumping up and down in and out of their burrows.

All the short films are in English or are dialogue free. To be fair, most of them have no language in them at all as it simply isn’t required. These are supremely visual treats where googly eyes, discarded tea leaves and coloured fingerprints all contribute to storytelling of the highest order, suited to all ages.