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Relaxed Screening: Incredibles 2

Discovery family Film Club

Pixar’s classic The Incredibles needs no introduction, and now, after 14 long years, the sequel is finally here! With original writer/director Brad Bird leading the way, the Parr family return to our screens as they once again balance family squabbles with saving the world.

Picking up immediately where the first film left off, Incredibles 2 opens with the super-powered family being attacked by the villainous Underminer. The family is soon approached by Winston Deavour (Bob Odenkirk) who wants to boost the public profile of superheroes. He has a proposition for Helen and asks her to take up her old superhero alias Elastigirl once again. For Bob, aka Mr Incredible, this means staying at home to look after the kids, a task he soon realises requires its own set of super powers, especially when the youngest child, Jack-Jack, has a tendency to teleport and transform into a monster. As Elastigirl is out fighting crime, Bob must deal with the most heinous supervillain of them all: maths homework.

The original Incredibles succeeded in combining a funny, heart-felt adventure for all ages with a smart look at family dynamics, and this film once again explores these ideas. The return of such well-loved characters as the Parr family is always welcome, and even Bob’s pal Frozone and the hilarious fashion designer Edna Mode (played by Brad Bird himself) are getting back in on the action. With that distinctive 60s aesthetic, snappy score and gorgeous animation, this is sure to be a super-powered treat for fans new and old. Just remember, no capes!