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Relaxed: Wall-E

Andrew Stanton

Explore the complex relationship between human and machine in a series of films celebrating V&A Dundee’s Hello, Robot. exhibition.
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Set on a future Earth long abandoned by humans, Wall-E’s adorable titular robot spends its lonely days rolling about, still following its programming, crushing trash into neat cubes and trying not to squash its cockroach pal. This first half of the film is almost dialogue-free and, thanks to Pixar’s incredible attention to detail, contains some of the most evocative imagery in all of science fiction cinema. The animators studied silent comedy from the likes of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin during production, and this research unmistakably comes across in Wall-E’s sense of nostalgia and wonderful comic timing.

"Contains some of the most evocative imagery in all of science fiction cinema..."

By the time Wall-E and friend EVE are zooming around space with the help of a fire extinguisher, we’re in the realm of pure cinema; digital tools pushed to their limits to present us with such beauty and wonder that we can’t help but be mesmerised.

Musio K,  a social robot designed by AKA IntelligenceHello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine. V&A Dundee, until Sunday 9 February 2020. From the robots we know and love, to the robot in your pocket, explore the blurring boundaries between human and machine.

Musio K © AKA, LLC