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Robert the Bruce

Richard Gray

Angus Macfadyen reprises the role he played so memorably in Braveheart as Scottish leader Robert the Bruce in this retelling of the legendary story. This film was a very personal project for Macfadyen, who co-wrote the script and spent 13 years trying to get it made; like his lead character, he had all but given up before he finally succeeded.

“Macfadyen… brings his Scottish heart and soul to the screen.”

In 1306, Robert the Bruce crowns himself king but he cannot overcome England's power and is repeatedly defeated. His army is scattered and Scotland's nobility abandons him. In the lost months after the decimation of the injured king’s forces, he finds himself hunted across the snowy Highlands. Robert takes shelter with stoic Morag (Anna Hutchison) and her brave children, who restore him to health and help him find the resolve to rally the Scots and lead them to independence.

Directed by Australian Richard Gray, Robert The Bruce, unlike Gibson's film, does not glorify war but reveals the consequences of violence and what it does to entire clans and families. With an ensemble cast that includes Jared Harris (Chernobyl, Mad Men) and Daniel Portman (Game of Thrones), this film really is a showcase for Macfadyen who clearly brings his Scottish heart and soul to the screen.