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Scotch: The Golden Dram

Andrew Peat

For more than a century, Scotch whisky has been the premier international spirit of choice enjoyed in more than 200 countries and generating over $6 billion in exports each year. Scotch: The Golden Dram lovingly tells the story of uisge beatha (Gaelic for “water of life”) in all its glory.

While capturing stunning Scottish landscapes, the real heart of this film is the characters – the fascinating men and women who make Scotch whisky. The film explores some of the biggest names in the industry, including Richard Paterson, a master blender whose nose was insured for $2.5 million, Glasstorm, a company specialising in hand-made bottles for rare whiskies, and the Cinderella tale of Jim McEwan, the distiller and master blender, a 50 year plus industry veteran who takes on a dilapidated distillery on his home island of Islay and turns it into an award- winning blend. McEwan acts as the film’s ambassador, guiding us to discover the process and the people, who they are, their personal histories, how they came to immerse themselves in the art and science of making whisky and their drive for perfection.