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Senior Citizen Kane Club: Rory's Way

Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun

Rory’s Way, a bittersweet story about family relationships and new beginnings, is based on a novel by José Luis Sampedro (La Sonrisa Etrusca). Transposed from Spain to Scotland, this film is the perfect vehicle for the talents of Dundee’s favourite son, Brian Cox.

"The perfect vehicle for the talents of Dundee’s favourite son, Brian Cox." 

Fiercely independent, Rory MacNeil (Cox) is a man whose difficult personality has left him living a solitary life on his beloved Isle of Lewis. When he receives a devastating medical prognosis, MacNeil is determined to stay well enough to outlive Campbell (Clive Russell), his long-time nemesis on the island. He reluctantly travels to America for medical treatment, arriving on the doorstep of estranged son Ian (JJ Feild), in San Francisco. Despite misgivings about the trip, life still has some surprises in store for MacNeil – including a delightful new baby grandson, the promise of romance with a beautiful stranger, and a chance to rebuild the fractured relationship with his only son.

A poignant yet heart-warming drama about all the things that can bring us together: place, language and family love. It is wonderful to see Cox take centre stage and, with his on-screen charisma being used to maximum effect, you can’t fail to be moved by his wonderful blend of vulnerability and grumpiness.