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Skate Kitchen

Crystal Moselle

Director Crystal Moselle’s first feature was the award-winning 2015 documentary The Wolfpack, focusing on the lives of six brothers confined to a New York apartment, in which they created a unique social life for themselves through their love of film. Now she returns to Manhattan, once again focusing our attention on a group of characters not usually given such a spotlight – this time setting a drama at the heart of the world of teen skater girls.

Banned from skateboarding by her concerned mother after a particularly bruising fall, Long Island teen Camille travels into the heart of New York City where she meets up with a female skate crew. Initially hesitant, she gradually plucks up the courage to join in and is slowly included in the social group and their board-based life in the city. Chilling out in skate parks, learning new tricks and all the while filming their progress for social media, Camille begins to feel a sense of belonging that has been missing from her home life. However, when Camille starts hanging out with a member of the local boys’ skate gang, the effect is felt by all and tensions rise.

Part coming-of-age drama, part lifestyle documentary and part skate video, this is a film that captures the essence of that perfect summer – and the realisation it can’t last forever. Made in collaboration with, and the full participation of, The Skate Kitchen collective, the film remains deeply rooted in the experiences of teen skaters with thrilling skating footage perfectly balancing the moments of stillness and tenderness between the central characters.