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Karey Kirkpatrick, Jason Reisig

So if the human race is convinced that the existence of a yeti is a myth, surely it must also stand that the yeti world thinks that the human race is also a myth. Right? Well, yes and no... 

Yeti Migo lives on the top of a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal, high above the clouds and hidden away from sight. One day he witnesses a plane crash and finds a ‘smallfoot’ (human), but when he tries to explain this to his fellow villagers they see he has no proof, refuse to believe him and banish him from their community. As he travels below the clouds he meets Percy Patterson, a failed wildlife documentary filmmaker, who is equally excluded from his own kind. Can the two unlikely new friends find a way of bringing together the two worlds – yeti and human – and overcoming the fears, mistrust and open hostility that each shows the other?

Truly inspired casting sees Channing Tatum channel his inner bigfoot to give us the voice of Migo, and he is joined by James Corden, Zendaya and Danny DeVito in this mythbusting tale of learning to accept that one’s world may not be just about what can be seen.