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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Discovery Family Film Club

Following on from our recent screenings of Disney’s latest film Coco, we thought it was a good time to remind ourselves of Uncle Walt’s very first feature-length animation, starring the fairest princess of them all, Snow White. Already on the list to be a live action remake, here is the original tale from 80 (yes, 80!) years ago.

Forced to take refuge from her wicked stepmother in a dark and dangerous forest, Snow White is rescued by seven diamond miners. Together they live in harmony and happiness, until one day an aged crone knocks at the door...

Classic cel animation, with each frame meticulously drawn by hand, and a story based on a Grimm Brothers’ tale – blended with great characterisation and a handful of memorable songs – are the foundation for one of the most successful and best-loved films of all time.

Join us for a fun workshop before the 17 March 13:00 screening! The workshop is free with your cinema ticket: just add to your basket when booking for the film. Accompanying adults must also have a workshop ticket.