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Soft Subtitled Screening: Trespass Against Us

Adam Smith

Television director Adam Smith’s debut feature, Trespass Against Us, brings together two of the greatest Irish actors working in cinema today, Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson, as a troubled traveller father and son. Exploring the depth but also the toxicity of blood ties, this is a story of generational and moral conflict.

"a story of generational and moral conflict."

Like his father before him, Chad Cutler (Fassbender) has no love for authority or the law. But thanks to his desire for his 6 year-old son Tyson (Georgie Smith) to have an education and a more settled upbringing, Chad starts to question the only life he has known. This puts him at odds with his own father, Colby (Gleeson), a formidable character who continues to exert control over the entire family. The mastermind behind a series of robberies, Colby is reluctant to say the least to let Chad step away from their criminal business.

Fassbender captures the inner conflict of a strong man who has grown up in an extremely patriarchal environment who longs for independence but knows that breaking free is almost impossible. Gleeson walks a tightrope between menace and bonhomie perfectly, and watching the spark between these two actors is electrifying.