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Subtitled: It Chapter Two

2017’s It reboot updated the setting of Stephen King’s novel to the 1980s and introduced audiences to a charming new version of the Losers’ Club, while revelling in a macabre sense of funhouse horror. Director Andy Muschietti has returned once more to the town of Derry, Maine to bring us the eagerly-awaited final chapter.

"This sequel takes Pennywise and the Losers to darker, more intense depths..."

27 years have passed since Chapter One and the characters we came to love are now all adults; the casting of the grown-up Losers is one of this film's strengths. James McAvoy plays haunted, would-be leaderBill, Jessica Chastain plays his childhood sweetheartBeverly whileBill Hader steps into the shoes memorably filled by Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard as foul-mouthed jokerRichie. It’s safe to say that actor Bill Skarsgård’s reinvention of Pennywise is as memorable as Tim Curry’s portrayal in the 1990 TV adaptation, and this sequel takes Pennywise and the Losers to darker, more intense depths as the shape-shifting menace emerges once more from the sewers.

Muschietti proved with the first film that he had skill in balancing the claustrophobic, shadowy atmosphere of small town America while delivering big, scary set-pieces with an eye for the grotesque, and in Pennywise has revitalised a screen villain who, for all his creepy mannerisms and horrific deeds, you just can’t look away from.