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Sweet Charity

Bob Fosse

Please note that Sweet Charity will be starting promptly without ads or trailers to allow for an additional alternative ending sequence, which will play after the credits.

It may seem odd to call a big-budget Hollywood musical like Sweet Charity an experimental film, but in many ways that’s what it is. The popular stage version, which adapted the plot of Federico Fellini’s film Nights of Cabiria and told the story of the ups and downs of a happy-go-lucky prostitute (Shirley MacLaine), was the brain-child of ace Broadway director and choreographer Bob Fosse.

"The beginning of something exciting and new..."

When Fosse was selected to direct the film version, it was his first time behind the camera, and he was determined to rethink his original staging of musical numbers like Hey, Big Spender, Rich Man’s Frug, and Rhythm of Life to take full advantage of the possibilities the cinema offered. Sweet Charity is the last hurrah of the Golden-Age Hollywood musical, and the beginning of something exciting and new, a style Fosse would hone to perfection in his masterpieces Cabaret and All that Jazz.

Sweet Charity is screening with English subtitles, closed captions for D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences.


 Screening as part of BFI Musicals! The Greatest Show on Screen, a UK-wide film season supported by National Lottery, BFI Film Audience Network and ICO.