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The Apartment

Billy Wilder

"One of the greatest films ever made..."

Only Billy Wilder could have made a film as double-edged as The Apartment. On one hand the story of a junior executive who lets his bosses conduct their extra-marital affairs in his flat is a jet black fable of the moral cost of blind ambition, in which the hero is not above pimping the woman he loves and covering up her attempted suicide to get ahead. On the other hand, this is one of the wittiest and most moving comedies ever made, in which two lost souls find each other and come together in a shamelessly romantic climax.

The secret to the film’s lasting appeal is the brilliant balancing of these two seemingly incompatible sides. Wilder’s romanticism sweetens what could have been a bitter pill, while the cynicism keeps sentimentality firmly at bay. This is one of the greatest films ever made, directionwise, script-wise, acting-wise and otherwise.