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The End of the Game

David Graham Scott

Over the last few years Scotland has produced several riveting documentaries covering a multitude of issues concerning the citizens of our great country and beyond. In The End of the Game, director David Graham Scott continues this trend, introducing audiences to the truly unique Guy Wallace and examining two very different points of view: those of the vegan and the hunter.

A relic of colonial Britain’s heyday, Wallace is a character who appears to have been plucked straight from the pages of a Wilbur Smith novel. At 73 years old his history is fascinating; a boy’s own adventurer who once served as a mercenary and tracker in Africa. Realising that age is catching up with him, Wallace decides to make one last foray from the highlands of Scotland to the plains of South Africa in a bid to hunt the enormous Cape buffalo. Scott, a committed vegan for nearly 40 years, tags along to bear witness to the eccentric and cantankerous Wallace’s plan, and to attempt to understand what motivates him and others like him to kill animals in this manner.

Scott conducts his role as documentarian fairly, raising his concerns but never being overly judgemental of Wallace. He truly wants to understand what drives Wallace to hunt, and in doing so poses questions of morality and ethics, often reflecting upon his own. The End of the Game is a captivating, at times devastating but often humorous look at the arguments for and against hunting.

We are delighted to welcome director David Graham Scott for a post-screening Q&A.

The End of the Game is screening as part of Scottish Encounters, our programme strand that gives Dundee audiences the opportunity to see new work from emerging Scottish screen talent, from shorts to features and from documentary to fiction. Each screening also offers the chance to meet the people behind the work.