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The Iron Giant

Brad Bird

Explore the complex relationship between human and machine in a series of films celebrating V&A Dundee’s Hello, Robot. exhibition.
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Before he tackled directing The Incredibles, Brad Bird made his feature directorial debut with this charming adaptation of Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man. The film initially under-performed at the box office, but its sense of humour, adventure and heart meant the film gained a devoted audience and it’s now considered a high-point of modern animation.

"Hogarth sets out to find the enormous robot..."

Annie Hughes (Jennifer Aniston) is a single mother working hard to support her boisterous nine-year-old son, Hogarth. When a local fisherman tells tales about a huge metal man falling into the sea, Hogarth sets out to find the enormous robot. However, the Giant’s presence in town quickly draws the unwanted attention of shady government agents, and soon it’s up to Hogarth to protect his metallic friend. The Iron Giant itself (voiced by Vin Diesel) is a wonderful creation; a lovable dope with an insatiable appetite for metal and a childlike curiosity about its new world.

Set in a lovingly imagined 1950s-era Maine, it is a quietly subversive take on old-school, small town American values, packaged in an irresistible Spielberg-esque tale of one boy and his robot.

Musio K,  a social robot designed by AKA IntelligenceHello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine. V&A Dundee, until Sunday 9 February 2020. From the robots we know and love, to the robot in your pocket, explore the blurring boundaries between human and machine.

Musio K © AKA, LLC