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The Museum of Loss and Renewal: Object becomes Subject

Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen

The Museum of Loss and Renewal: Object becomes Subject will feature another in Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen’s ongoing series of public studios, a key component of their exhibition projects. This will enable the making of artwork in a live situation with direct participation by a range of publics, arising out of conversation and participation in public discursive events that will investigate the project’s central issues from the perspectives of specialists in material culture, art practice and healthcare.

Public Seminar: Tue 22 November, 14:00 (booking essential:
With Dr Paul O’Neill (curator, artist and writer) and Prof Arnd Schneider (social anthropologist) exploring notions of duration and context specificity in The Museum of Loss and Renewal project.

Public Seminar: Fri 25 November, 10:30 (booking essential:
With Dr David Reilly (doctor, educator and researcher) focusing on the relationship between art practice, creative change and human healing.

The Museum of Loss and Renewal: Loss becomes Object consists of a series of artefacts collected by the artists in The Highland Hospice charity shops, presented in display cases and juxtaposed with associative material, resulting in a series of still-life groupings that provoke reflections on issues of loss, death, recycling and appropriation.