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The Red Shoes

+ Q&A with Pamela Hutchinson

See three films in our Powell & Pressburger season for £21 – select your tickets and the discount will be applied at checkout. Please note this offer excludes The Boy Who Turned Yellow, which is Pay What You Can.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Pamela Hutchinson, author of a new book on The Red Shoes, hosted by Camilla Baier from Invisible Women. This screening is part of Cinema Unbound – our 14 screening Powell and Pressburger retrospective celebrating Britain’s greatest and most enduring filmmaking partnership.

A young ballerina is torn between love and art in this glorious Technicolor masterpiece, lauded by Martin Scorsese as ‘one of the true miracles of film history’. Boasting Oscar-winning sets and music, only the big screen can truly do it justice.

"One of the most influential films ever made..."

 Insisting the female lead be played by a real dancer rather than using a double, Powell and Pressburger catapulted Scottish actress Moira Shearer to fame. She is bewitching as Vicky Page, the young rising star driven to breaking point by a ruthless impresario when she is cast as the lead in his production of The Red Shoes. The film features an unforgettable 20-minute ballet performance, paving the way for the iconic dance sequences in An American in ParisSingin in the Rain and La La Land.

One of the most influential films ever made, The Red Shoes has moulded the work of Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Pedro Almodóvar, Joanna Hogg, Francis Ford Coppola, Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg to name but a few. Its influence extends beyond the big screen, inspiring authors, musicians and artists including Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood, Kate Bush and Matthew Bourne.

Supported by Film Hub Scotland, part of the BFl's Film Audience Network and National Lottery funding from the BFI.