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The Third Man

Carol Reed

Audiences will be treated to a pre-screening musical performance from Cornelia Mayer, a Viennese zither player, including insights into the genesis of the score and anecdotes about its composer Anton Karas, and a post-screening Q&A hosted by film critic and author Matthew Sweet featuring Angela Allen, one of the last remaining Third Man crew members, and fan of the film writer/director Hossein Amini (McMafia, Drive, The Wings of a Dove)

Voted the greatest British film of all time by the British Film Institute, The Third Man is one of the very few perfect movies. Of course, you would expect a film written by Graham Greene and starring Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton and Trevor Howard to be good. However, what makes the film truly great is director Carol Reed’s refusal to play it safe.

"One of the very few perfect movies..."

The stunning noir photography was achieved on the bombed-out streets of post-war Vienna rather than in a studio, and is all the more atmospheric for it. Welles does not show up until the second half, but this only adds to the suspense; all the music is performed by a local Viennese zither player, and it still ranks as one of the great film scores; and then there’s the extraordinary, uncompromising ending, which may be the finest in all cinema.

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