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The Touch

Ingmar Bergman

The Touch is the wild card in Bergman’s career. His first (of only two) flirtations with Hollywood, Bergman also regarded it as his first straightforward love story. But this examination of a Swedish woman’s (Bibi Anderson) affair with a tortured American archaeologist and holocaust survivor (Elliot Gould) offers characters and emotional situations as complex as any in Bergman’s previous work.

“…like a lost masterpiece”

Originally released in an English-only version which Bergman despised,The Touch has now been lovingly restored using the director’s preferred English and Swedish soundtrack. The new print also brings out the beautiful autumnal hues of Sven Nykvist’s cinematography. A critical and commercial failure upon its first release, The Touch now looks like a lost masterpiece which shows Bergman stretching himself with brilliant and fascinating results.