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The Wall of Shadows

Eliza Kubarska

Director Eliza Kubarska follows a Sherpa family who must decide if they will break a cultural taboo to climb Khumbakarna, the most sacred of their mountains.

"...the mountain is deemed to have a summit more challenging than Everest’s."

According to the local Kirant religion it is forbidden to climb Khumbakarna. But to the International climbing community, the mountain is deemed to have a summit more challenging than Everest’s.

When asked by a Western expedition, including Marcin Tomaszewski, one of Poland’s most well-known climbers, and the Russian alpinists Dmitry Golovchenko and Sergey Nilov, to lead their party, the family faces a dilemma driven by the need to earn money for the education of their son, who wishes to become a doctor. The film follows the expedition, as the family negotiate the dangerous climb, uncertain conditions, and their devotion to their religion…

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