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Dundead - Scottish Premiere

A simmering, atmospheric, impressive example of what can be achieved on a modest budget, this film from directors WW Jones and Luke Skinner is at once a stylish, lean throwback and an inventive, gorgeously-made example of an original new voice (or voices) in British genre cinema.

“…simmering, atmospheric, impressive”

The film tells the story of a group of criminals who have to lay low in an abandoned house after a bank job goes wrong; with one dead body already needing buried, and another in bed upstairs soon to be, no-nonsense boss Carpenter (the sinister Finbar Lynch) suspects a rat. The rest of the gang wait patiently downstairs, including young gun Eddie, who starts to feel a rising feeling of unease creeping its way up the back of his neck; is it guilt, paranoia, or something more sinister? What starts as a familiar set-up gives way to something stranger and more unique, as Jones and Skinner skilfully thread the needle between two well-established genres, evoking shades of Ben Wheatley, Nic Roeg, and ‘70s BBC Ghost Stories.

The acting is superb across the board, and the talented cast bring a shine to the colourful, characterful dialogue, especially in the case of Johann Myers’ (Undergods) electric turn as cocaine-snorting livewire ex-boxer Gordon. Moodily shot, with a jangling, evocative soundtrack, this is a film where the borders between worlds (and genres) are made gossamer-thin.

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