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The Yellow Ceiling
(El Sostre Groc)

Isabel Coixet

Isabel Coixet restores dignity in this moving and necessary documentary about nine former students of Spain’s Lleida Theatre who filed a sexual abuse complaint against two of their teachers.

"...a tribute to the woman who brought it to light."

The Yellow Ceiling explains and denounces the Case of the Lleida Theater Class through its protagonists. In 2018, a group of 9 women filed a complaint against two of their teachers for sexual abuse that occurred between 2001 and 2008, when they were teenagers. Their star status within the school meant that for many years these charismatic teachers, and one of them later school director, could act with impunity.

The Yellow Ceiling (referring to a memory of one of the victims) is both an indictment of the inadequate handling of this #MeToo case and a tribute to the woman who brought it to light.

Catalan Film Festival is Back! This year the festival will pay particular attention to the beauty and inspiration of the Catalan countryside in modern literature and cinema.

It was a remarkably historic year for Catalan cinema, as the Berlinale Festival crowned, for the first time ever, a Catalan-language film (Carla Simón’s Alcarràs, showing this January at DCA!) with the prestigious Golden Bear Award, and Albert Serra’s Pacifiction was named Best Film of 2022 by the the prestigious french magazine Cahiers du Cinéma.  What better time to celebrate the uniqueness of Catalan culture once again.

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