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Waiting for Anya

Ben Cookson

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s 1990 novel, this film adaptation follows on the hugely successful heels of Morpurgo’s other wartime stories Private Peaceful and War Horse. Set in Europe during the Second World War, this is a beautifully shot story of family, friendship and survival in the harshest of conditions.

"A beautifully shot story of family, friendship and survival..."

15 year old shepherd Jo Lalande has taken on all his father’s responsibilities while he is away fighting in the war. One day Jo meets mysterious stranger Benjamin while in the forest, and discovers he has a secret – he is smuggling Jewish children to safety across the border into Spain, all the while waiting for his daughter Anya, from whom he has been separated. Jo starts to help with the rescue of the children, but when German soldiers move into town, things become much more dangerous...

The screening will be followed a short collection of Behind The Scenes footage documenting the making of the film, and which includes an interview with Michael Morpurgo.