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Waterless Plate Lithography

Four-week course

Course Dates: Wed from 11 March (four-week course). 

Learn to use waterless lithography plates to combine photographic, digital and hand-drawn imagery. Waterless plate makes lithography quick and easy, and can be combined with many other techniques.

What will be covered?
This course will demonstrate how to make rich, tonal and textured printed artworks using a waterless lithography process. This technique allows individuals to create images by drawing and painting with various mediums, as well as using photocopy transfers onto specially prepared plates. You will be instructed stage by stage on how to; prepare your own plates, create and apply your designs, which will then be hand printed in rich vivid colours.

What should I bring?
Bring along some images to work from. These can be photographs, digital images or hand drawn. Simple images work best for beginners.

What should I wear?
Printmaking can be messy, so please wear appropriate clothing. We'll provide aprons. Please note no sandals or open-toed footwear in the Print Studio.

What should I expect?

On completion of this course you will be proficient at beginner’s level of this particular waterless lithography technique, producing a number of A3 sizes plates over the duration of the course, which will then have been used to make limited editions of prints.