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Wild Men

Thomas Daneskov

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A mid-life crisis manifests itself as a funny, occasionally violent trip through the majestic Scandinavian wilderness in this entertaining comedy-drama from writer-director Thomas Daneskov.

"Martin and Musa leave a mess of destruction and chaos in their wake..."

Martin (Rasmus Bjerg) is our hapless protagonist who has, in a desperate attempt to combat his middle-aged ennui, left modern life (and his loving family) behind, attempting to live off the land and return to a more primitive way of life. He meets Musa, a drug smuggler (a nicely understated performance by Zaki Youssef) who has his own reasons for wanting to remain off-grid. There is plenty of classic odd-couple comedy to be mined as the duo try to avoid police, rival gangsters and Martin’s understandably exasperated wife (played by The Killing’s Sofie Grabol). 

Martin and Musa leave a mess of destruction and chaos in their wake, the script takes care to flesh out many of the side characters whose fates are tied to our central duo’s, leading to a finale where the constant threat of violence bubbles over into a frenzy of poorly aimed arrows and frantically fired guns. 

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