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The latest feature from the award-winning animation team behind The Book of Kells and Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers is a masterful blend of thrilling storytelling and eye-catchingly beautiful visual design. The third of their Celtic folklore trilogy, the film offers contemporary characterisation in a historical setting, and has much to say on the delicate balance between human forces and the natural world in which they find themselves.


“…gorgeously presented, very powerful tale of the redemptive power of friendship”

It's the mid-17th century and the ancient woodlands surrounding the Irish town of Kilkenny are the home of the last remaining Wolfwalkers, mystical creatures that are part human, part wolf. Protectors of the land and the creatures that inhabit it, they find themselves in desperate conflict with the occupying English army and its self-proclaimed Lord Protector, newly arrived in the area and determined to “tame” both the country and its people. The English invaders have arrived with their own wolf hunter, charged with exterminating all wolves, in which task his spirited daughter Robyn is keen to assist. But when she first encounters and then becomes friends with Meabh, a young wolfwalker, Robyn’s gradual change of heart will test her relationships with everyone around her. Can she find a way to bring the various worlds of which she is part together, and learn to live with each other?

Unafraid to ask big questions about the hardships of conflict and oppression (as they did in their most recent feature The Breadwinner), the production team here create a world that straddles both the real and the fantastical. The visual motifs between the straight-edged, restrictive town and the freewheeling, free-spirited natural world serve as a backdrop to this gorgeously presented, very powerful tale of the redemptive power of friendship and mutually beneficial alliance.

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