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Zombie Flesh Eaters

In 1984, the Conservative government banned scores of horror films under the Video Recordings Act in response to a media orchestrated moral panic. They became known as Video Nasties and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters (also known as Zombie 2) was one of the most notorious.

The story is simple, a young woman and a British newspaper reporter travel to the Antilles Islands in order to locate the woman’s father. When they arrive they find her father has died of a mysterious disease, the island cursed by voodoo and has been taken over by hoards of flesh-eating zombies. When the earth spits out the dead they will return to suck the blood from the living!

We are delighted the star of Zombie Flesh Eaters, actor Ian McCulloch, horror stalwart and veteran of the classic television series Survivors will be with at the DCA not just in gloriously livid gore splattered Technicolor but in the flesh for this special screening. He will be introducing the film and present for a question and answer session. Learn from a master the secret of surviving a zombie attack.