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Ocean Liners: Speed and Style on Screen

Show introduction


Our first collaboration with V&A Dundee is a cinematic celebration of Ocean Liners: Speed and Style, the first exhibition to fully explore the design and cultural impact of ocean liners on an international scale.We hope this eclectic mix of films will inspire you to explore how the movie industry chose to depict life on board – sometimes glamorous, sometimes dangerous – but always exciting. Ocean Liners: Speed and Style is the first in a series of major changing exhibitions at V&A Dundee.

Image for The Poseidon Adventure}

24 Jan 2019


The Poseidon Adventure (PG)

Ronald Neame

A tidal wave turns the ocean liner Poseidon upside down, leaving just ten people alive on board. They desperately attempt to climb from the top of the ship (now submerged) to the bottom in a bid to survive.

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27 Jan 2019


Morocco (U)

Josef von Sternberg

A cabaret singer, played by the incomparable Marlene Dietrich, falls in love with a legionnaire and must choose between him and a life of comfort.

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Image for The Lady Eve}

23 Feb 2019


The Lady Eve (U)

Preston Sturges

A beautiful young con artist sets out to seduce Charles Pike, the naive heir to a huge fortune, on an ocean cruise.

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