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Brightly coloured mural and artworks in a white gallery space

Claudia Martínez Garay

Dates: Fri 23 Aug 11:00 - Sun 17 Nov 2024 18:00

This exhibition of new and existing works marks Claudia Martínez Garay’s first major solo exhibition in Scotland.  

Martínez Garay is a Peruvian artist who lives and works between Amsterdam and Lima. Her practice encompasses painting, sculpture, printmaking, video, and site-specific installation. The artist’s sculptural works frequently reference pre-Columbian aesthetics, particularly artefacts from the Incan civilisation. These sculptures are combined in larger installations in dialogue with symbolic elements derived from her research. 

Martínez Garay is interested in how artefacts, cultural relics, and propaganda communicate the history and social-political memory of cultures. Multiple interpretations of historical figures and artefacts are incorporated into the artist’s work, supplanting institutional narratives and notions of stewardship. The artist seeks to challenge the persistence of colonialist frameworks and official narratives informing our understanding of the pre-Columbian cultures. The fractured forms in her work signal stories and identities that have been obscured through a process of erosion, both metaphorical and literal. Martínez Garay re-animates the existing fragments of lost histories, underscoring the connections between that which can be salvaged and continued. 

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