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What is a cookie?

Cookies are information stored by your browser on your device which make it possible for us to track information, for instance the number of returning visitors to this website. 

The cookies DCA uses

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential in helping you to move around and use our website. 


These cookies enable us to understand how people use our website, by tracking information like which pages users visit; whether users are new or returning; and which links users click. The data collected by these cookies is completely anonymous. We use this information to help us understand how well our website is working, which information people are most interested in, and where we can make improvements. These cookies will only be active if you select ‘yes’ when prompted when you visit the site. 

Third party cookies

We use a small number of third party cookies to be able to show you targeted adverts on other websites, and to track how you then interact with our site. These cookies can track your visits, but they can’t identify you. 

We currently use these third party cookies on Facebook, Instagram and Google. 

You can opt out of these cookies in the following ways:

  • For Google, visit Google's Ads Settings
  • For other sites, visit

Please note that opting out won’t stop you seeing adverts, but that the adverts you see will no longer be tailored to you. 

Managing cookies

You can Edit Cookie preferences for this website by clicking the cookies button and updating your preferences.

You can adjust cookie settings for all websites you visit using your browser settings. 

For more information about cookies and how to opt out, the following sites may be helpful: