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Person working on Illustrator on a Mac computer

Adobe Illustrator

Duration: Weekend course
Dates: Sat 14 Sep 11:00 - Sun 15 Sep 2024 17:00
Location: Digital Suite

Learn how to create designs for either print or screen, using the many applications Illustrator has to offer.

Used by creatives right across the art and design industries, Illustrator is one of the most adaptable and useful Adobe software tools to have in your skill set. This course will cover the different uses and applications that Illustrator can be used for. You'll learn how to setup, modify and navigate the workspace, how to use paths and tools, working with colour and text and saving and exporting your work.


Excellent intro to Illustrator. I really liked being able to practice on my own project with input/help. Sam is very patient thank you. Now to practice.

Really enjoyed the course, felt I learnt a lot and already putting what I’ve learned into practice.

Print Studio Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you've read the Print Studio Terms & Conditions before you book.
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People sitting at computers in DCA's Digital Suite while tutor points at a large wall-mounted screen

Need to know

  • What to bring

Bring along notepaper and a pen. If you'd prefer to work on your own laptop with your own version of Illustrator rather than our Macs, then feel free to bring it along.


  • Food & drink

Food and drinks are not allowed in the Digital Suite (a sealed water flask or drinking vessel is permitted). You are welcome to take a 15-minute break whenever suits.

Meet your tutor

Photo of Sam Andres on a beach wearing a green jacket and navy backpack

Sam Andrews

Sam Andrews is a designer, maker and educator based in Dundee. Specialising in graphic design, he is curious about the intersections between creative disciplines and between the two dimensional and three dimensional world.

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