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Mokulito print of trees

Mokulito: Japanese Wood Lithography

Duration: Weekend course
Dates: Sat 28 Sep 10:30 - Sun 29 Sep 2024 17:30
Location: Print Studio

Learn how to make prints using this form of lithography developed in Japan.

Mokulito is a form of lithography developed in the 1970s, which replaces the stone matrix surface with wood. The term Mokulito derives from the Japanese words ‘Moku’ meaning wood and ‘Rito’ meaning Lithography. 

Learn how to make prints using this wonderful process, that infuses the unique grain of the wood matrix along with hand painted marks and incisions of the artist.

Susannah has been fantastic – very experienced, humble, easy to talk to, and has enabled me as a total novice to experiment and have fun!

Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed. Learned a new process, which I would like to experiment more with. Good course length, relaxed pace and lots of prints produced.

Print Studio Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you've read the Print Studio Terms & Conditions before you book.
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Yellow and green inks on shelves in DCA Print Studio

Need to know

  • What to bring

Bring along some inspiration - this could be photos, drawings, sketchbooks or images on a USB drive (we can print out some images for you).


  • What to wear

We'll provide aprons and gloves but recommend wearing old cloths as printmaking can be messy. Please note that open-toed footwear and sandals are not allowed.


  • Food & drinks

A sealed water flask or drinking vessel is permitted but other food and drinks are not allowed in the studio.

Meet your tutor

Black and white photo of Susannah Emily doing mokulito lithougrphy i the woods

Susannah Emily

Susannah Emily is an artist and printmaker based in Scotland, specialising in mokulito, lithography and monoprint. Her ideas are grounded an interest in the environment and how we as humans interact with our surroundings and with nature.
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