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Photo enlargers in the darkroom at DCA Print Studio

Black and White Photography: Darkroom for Beginners

Duration: Weekend course
Dates: Sat 14 Sep 12:00 - Sun 15 Sep 2024 17:00
Location: Print Studio

Explore black and white printing in a traditional darkroom. 

Learn how to process your black and white film, make contact sheets and explore black and white printing. Bring an exposed 35mm Ilford FP4 or HP5 film with you and our expert tutor will teach you all the stages of film development, including developing and fixing your photographic prints. 

You will be working in a darkroom in very low-level lighting (red safe light) and complete darkness. If you think you may find this difficult let the tutor know beforehand, most people adjust very quickly though. You should leave with some good photographs and a feeling of achievement.

Print Studio Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you've read the Print Studio Terms & Conditions before you book.
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Two hands holding a black and white film strip

Need to know

  • What to bring

A 35 mm Ilford FP4 or HP5 film, available from photography shops. The film should be exposed before you arrive for the class so that you are ready to start work in the darkroom. Shoot the whole film on a subject of your choice – if you need advice on this contact We also have cameras you can borrow if you don’t have your own.


  • What to wear

Some chemicals can stain clothing, so we recommend wearing old clothes. An apron can be provided if necessary. If you have any skin sensitivities, please bring a pair of rubber gloves for handling chemicals. None of the chemicals are dangerous but can cause irritation. Please note that open-toed footwear and sandals are not allowed.


  • Food & drink

A sealed water flask or drinking vessel is permitted but other food and drinks are not allowed in the studio.

Meet your tutor

Photo of Barrie Morton standing in a park at golden hour

Barrie Morton

Barrie Morton is a photographer and artist based in Scotland. He also works as an educator, working as a photography faculty member in higher education and running photography and darkrooms workshops at DCA.

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