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Person holding a digital camera and looking at an image of purple flowers on its screen

Introduction to Digital Photography

Duration: Weekend course
Dates: Sat 27 Jul 12:00 - Sun 28 Jul 2024 17:00
Location: Digital Suite / Meeting Room

Unlock the creative potential of your camera and take control of your photos. 

Ever wondered what all those setting on your camera mean? This two-day course will explain the benefits of taking control of these settings for yourself. You will learn how to achieve correct exposure, improve your colours, different aperture and shutter speed settings and how they affect your images, and how to compensate for different lighting conditions in a creative way to achieve improved results. 

The course will take place over two days and will allow you to learn all of these things at a comfortable pace through a combination of lessons, discussions and practical exercises in the comfort of the DCA, and also out and about in the real world for continued learning and to put your new skills into practice. 

Regardless of whether your camera is a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Compact, as long as it has the capability to use manual settings it will be suitable for this course. Please note: If your camera does not have the ability to manually change exposure settings (aperture/shutter speed/ ISO), then it will not be suitable.

Print Studio Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you've read the Print Studio Terms & Conditions before you book.
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Person taking photos of flowers using a digital camera

Need to know

  • What to bring

Please bring your own camera, and make sure that your camera batteries are fully charged. It may also be a good idea to bring your battery charger with you in case of emergency, or a spare battery.


  • What to wear

The second day of the course will take place outside, so be prepared for changes in weather. Wear comfortable footwear for walking some distance around the centre of town.

Meet your tutor

Photo of Barrie Morton standing in a park at golden hour

Barrie Morton

Barrie Morton is a photographer and artist based in Scotland. He also works as an educator, working as a photography faculty member in higher education and running photography and darkrooms workshops at DCA.

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