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 grey haired man pole vaulting

Younger + short film

Duration: 1h4m
Dates: Sun 21 Jul 17:30 - Thu 25 Jul 2024 13:30

Screening with short film Older: A portrait of photographer and activist, Alex Rotas

“Exercise is not a luxury. It is the key to healthy ageing.” Olga Kotelko (1919-2014) World record holder – Masters’ athletics In a quiet corner, far removed from big money, celebrity status and drug scandals lies the true value of sport. This is a film about friendship and purpose in masters athletics, a place where every five years, getting older means becoming the youngest. 

Younger follows a group of female athletes in their 60s, 70s and 80s over the course of a year as they prepare to compete in masters competitions. In these competitions, athletes compete in age groups that span five years, 60-64, 65-69 etc. When an athlete moves up an age group they are then the youngest, and this means they are more likely to win or break records. So, as they approach the top end of their classification, they look forward to being a year older and moving up to the next group where they will be the new kid on the block again. 

Dorothy, 85, loves the camaraderie of her gang (as she calls them). Joylyn, 69 hopes to keep going into her 80s and 90s. Sue, 69, says pole vaulting has helped her cope with cancer, twice. Noel, 74, loves the technical challenge of race walking. For all of them, training and competing in masters athletics is about being part of a supportive community, achieving personal goals and living a purposeful life full of adventures and fun. In doing so, these women show an energy, joyful determination, and fulfilment in older age, that offers a powerful antidote to lazy stereotypes around ageing.


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