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A billboard image with a black background. Ib a red wiggle shape at the centre, in mostly yellow text reads: Are there more naked women than women artists in UK museums?. In smaller great text underneath in a stencil font reads: Visit your favourite museum, count 'em up & let the Guerrilla Girls know!. The rest of the image  consists of framed art historical paintings as though in a salon hang, highly packed close together in different sizes and formats. They all show naked women. To the left is the kneeling marble sculpture of a woman, with the figures head collaged as a gorilla mask.

Art Night: Guerrilla Girls

The Male Graze

18 June - 18 July 2021

Art Night celebrated its fifth edition by taking place in locations across the United Kingdom for the first time and we were delighted to be part of it by bringing work by renowned artist collective Guerrilla Girls to Dundee.

For Art Night 2021 the Guerrilla Girls presented The Male Graze, their largest public commission in the UK to date. The Male Graze explored bad male behaviour focussing on, but not limited to, explorations of British artists and British collections. The work manifested as a website, a live gig and a national series of billboards realised in partnership with galleries and institutions across the country, including a billboard in Dundee.

The billboards were on display from Fri 18 June to Sun 18 July and in partnership with Art Night’s friends Compton Verney, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Glasgow Women’s Library, g39, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Grand Union, The Tetley and Towner Eastbourne. Art Night also presented this commission in two London sites in Shoreditch and London Bridge. 

The Dundee billboard was located at 2 Forfar Road, Dundee, DD4 7AR. 

Commissioned by Art Night and Somerset House.

Two figures dressed in black, wearing gorilla masks, stand in front of a wall covered in graffiti. One has their arms folded and the other an arm on their hip.

About the artist

The Guerrilla Girls (est.1985) in New York live and work in LA and New York. The group employs culture jamming in the form of posters, books, billboards, and public appearances to expose discrimination and corruption. Recent projects include Kochi Biennial, India (2019); Beyond the Streets – New York and LA (2018); Museu de Arte Sao Paolo (2018); Whitechapel Gallery, London (2017) and Tate Modern, London (2016).