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Three images from Claire Barclay's exhibition in DCA. In one picture, jute material is attached to wire. In another, a person stands in DCA Galleries looking at large, abstract sculpture that form the exhibition. In the third picture, terracotta pots sit on a white bench.

Claire Barclay

Ideal Pursuits

23 August - 12 October 2003

DCA presents the largest solo exhibition to date by one of the most intriguing and compelling artists in Scotland today, Claire Barclay. Comprising a combination of industrially-produced elements and hand-made objects, Barclay’s new work for Dundee is a vital fusion of sculpture, craft and installation. 

Working with a remarkably diverse range of resources such as aluminium, leather, willow reeds, terra cotta and locally produced jute, Barclay uses various modern and traditional skills in her construction of distinctly contemporary works, which tend to highlight our often uneasy relationship with nature as both source and setting. Her interventions transform the DCA galleries into poetic landscapes intended to provoke a response through the seductive manipulation of materials.

Artist Talk | Claire Barclay on Ideal Pursuits

Claire Barclay: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for Claire Barclay: Ideal Pursuits
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Exhibition images

From Claire Barclay's exhibition at DCA. Woven Jute material is attached to metal, net wiring.
From Claire Barclay's exhibition. A person stands in DCA Galleries looking at Claire Barclay's sculptures. One is a large plywood structure with pink and yellow stripes painted on it. There is also semi-transparent black material, and wooden beams.
From Claire Barclay's exhibition at DCA. Terracotta pots sit on a white bench.