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David Claerbout

David Claerbout

08 October - 03 December 2005

One of the most exciting European artists of the moment, David Claerbout works at the edge of still and moving images. His work has been widely acclaimed for its beautifully orchestrated reflection on the impact of digital imaging paired with an age-old artistic concern with the passing of time. This exhibition brings together six video installations made between 1996 and 2005, each painstakingly produced in specific, striking and resonant locations.

David Claerbout: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for David Claerbout.
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Exhibition images

DCA Galleries during David Claerbout's exhibition. DCA Galleries are lowly lit, and a person sits watching two projector screens.
DCA Galleries during David Claerbout's exhibition - two people sit in DCA Galleries and watch two people on a projector screen.
DCA Galleries during David Claerbout's exhibition. A projector screen shows a woman walking into an office building.