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Selected images from the Here + Now. A black stain can be seen on the gallery floor, with a red room in the background. The next image is of a padded room with red lighting and a leather chair in the middle. The next image is of three white booths with benches and frosted glass.

Here + Now

Scottish Art 1990 - 2001

15 September - 11 November 2001

Here + Now explores contemporary Scottish art, including works by over 50 artists throughout five galleries in Dundee and Aberdeen. It presents some of the most interesting, innovative and thought-provoking work of the past decade, a period marked by extraordinary vitality.Here + Now includes painting, photography, video and sound work, prints, drawing, sculpture and installation, reflecting the diversity of media employed by artists today.

Here + Now: Exhibition Notes

Click here to download the Exhibition Notes for Here + Now.
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Exhibition images

From Here + Now in DCA Galleries. There is a black stain on the floor, and a metal model hanging from the ceiling. The walls are white.
From Here + Now in DCA Galleries. There are three white booths, with small white benches inside. There is frosted glass around the boxes.
From Here + Now in DCA Galleries. Small, black font on the gallery walls says 'Full Scale Premiere League Goalmouth'
From Here + Now in DCA Galleries. There is black stain/shape on the grey gallery floors, and a cylindrical metal model on top of the black shape.
From Here + Now in DCA Galleries. A mall box, which is open, is padded. There is a leather seat in the box and televisions on the wall. There are steps up to the box. The lighting in the room has a red tinge.