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A selection of images from Ill Communication at DCA. A large, square structure is made out of wood and black plastic. An installation is made out of white balloons. A large, run-on, nonsensical sentence is typed on the gallery walls.

Ill Communication

Jeremy Deller, Chris Evans, Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Laura Horelli, Alan Kane, On Kawara, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Aleksandra Mir, Philippe Parreno

25 January - 23 March 2003

Ill Communicationis a fascinating exhibition that looks at how we talk to each other. Including intriguing artworks by ten international artists, it offers a chance to think about changes in communication and how they affect our everyday lives.

From Ill Communication in DCA. A sculpture is made out of yellow wood and black plastic arranged in a box shape. There is also an installation in the background which is made of dozen of white helium balloons.
From Ill Communication at DCA. A large, old-fashioned machine with a timer on it, and various taps and pipes.
From Ill Communication exhibition at DCA. On the gallery walls, in font, is written: concerningnowethemattersyouchargeandchallengemewithallthearticlesaresoprolixeandlongethatifearewhatformylongeimprisonme
From Ill Communication exhibition in DCA. A large, square sculpture made out of wood and black plastic sits in the middle of the gallery.